Oak Ridge Boys Book- From My Perspective

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Oak Ridge Boys Book- From My Perspective

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Joe Bonsall's book, From My Perspective. Hardcover, 288 pages. Release date September 1, 2010.

From My Perspective is a collection of commentaries written by Joseph S. Bonsall, singer and songwriter for the legendary Oak Ridge Boys, on subjects ranging from banjos to barn swallows. Each is written in Joe s energetic, straightforward, and engaging style. In From My Perspective, he shares moments with celebrity friends, such as the late Johnny Cash and Dottie Rambo, and relates stories from his thirty-five years on the road with the Boys. A bonus short story by the author is included at the end. No matter what the subject, Joe s entertaining reflections on life, music, patriotism, and God are often witty, sometimes sentimental, and always insightful.